There is additionally a client notice

I’ve been feeling somewhat sickly recently,,

So I chose to go get a back rub toward the end of the week!

I used to go to a back rub shop called # in Hongdae, however after it vanished, I was a vagabond in a back rub shop

I got through a spot called # in Pangyo and it vanished a couple of months after the fact.?

Coronavirus is deteriorating and the back rub shop is by all accounts impacted a great deal,,

I found “Harbin” in the wake of looking through the Internet a great deal since I needed to settle down at a back rub shop once more

As a matter of first importance, I’m searching for a back rub shop

  1. Up to 40,000 won each hour
  2. In case there is an unpleasant survey, make a point to skip it

There are two things. When it’s more than 40,000 won, I believe it’s somewhat costly, and in case I’m disappointed with the spot, I set the Maginot Line at 40,000 won.

Furthermore, in the wake of encountering an unpleasant back rub, I saw a survey. (The back rub I got around then was

It was the most exceedingly terrible Do my back rub I halted and enjoyed some time off… And afterward I blew up constantly

At any rate! I went to Harbin, a stunner knead shop that accommodates my condition. The cost was sensible and the surveys were generally excellent


Harbin is a Chinese back rub shop.

(All things considered I don’t have the foggiest idea about the distinction with Thai back rub

I reserved a spot via telephone and I thought the proprietor was Chinese.

It was near Exit 6 of Migeum Station

Business hours are from 10:00 to 03:00.

You can reserve a spot by telephone or Naver.

It was entirely spotless, to the point that I felt better even before the back rub.

Value rundown of Harbin

Here is the value list. I required an hour full-length sports course. It’s exceptionally modest for 35,000 One to trade out 60 minutes

Harbin Customer Information

There is additionally a client notice. If it’s not too much trouble, allude to it

I was sitting tight briefly, so he presented to me the garments.

I put on something else in the fitting room.

There is a bureau like this in the fitting room and a container shower room. The shower room looks rather little, however there are for the most part the shower supplies (cleanser body wash, and so forth)! Little however full shower

Existence in the wake of death bureau key chain

The back rub room is this way.

On the off chance that you head inside, there is a bed with an opening in your face

The bed had an electric cushion work. 출장홈타이 Enchantment bed that makes me depleted

I got a full-body knead for an hour

I truly suggest Wan Jeon

At the point when you asked me where it harms before I began, I let you know that my shoulder and neck hurt, and I thought you thought often more about where it harms.

How would you know where I become ill and press me? I was contacted the entire time

Am I more restricted on the right? I heard that the right side is exceptionally hardened, so they delivered it coolly.

It’s an exceptionally fulfilling knead shop, so I needed to get the message out

I suggest Migeum Harbin, the back rub shop I purchased with my cash

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