check out various information

Great news

About Holdham Pub

I was gotten concerning Sinchon Holdeom Pub

This is a relationship from KMGM.

Holdum poker

You’re a completed cutoff affiliations

I’m back.

The KMGM of Sinchon Holdham Pub I visited

It needs around 10 minutes by strolling around Sinchon Station

I’m found.

A cool looking outside

KMGM isn’t just Shinchon

Jamsil, Yeongdeungpo, Magok and Hongdae,

Bucheon, Cheolsan, Incheon, etc

There are a beast store of branches

From the beginning, I didn’t know anything

I went in. I went to the counter

Unequivocally when I said it was my first time here, the boss told me

He explained it sharp

We ought to go into that QR

Kakao Talk open visit room

Generously 온라인홀덤 leave a message in the open visit room

You can really check out various information.

Apple bread for snack

It’s called Apple Day

The thing is called AirPod

Apple bread for snacks as required.

This apple bread was really surprising.

Apple jam and cream cheddar are inside


Sinchon Holdeom Pub to eat apple bread

Come to KMGM.

Gin. Sharp. Doing battling. Uh. Ni. Strip it

Yogiga counter


There’s a table where you can play a game

There were around three tables

Expecting you check out the Holdham game until this year

It’s on the house

Whether or not I play Holdham game

It offers world blend perseveringly

So I ought to go

It’s a methodology of blends from around the world

Grain tea and truly white sesame seeds

Watching the game while drinking mix

It was really fun

Constantly from 7 p.m

I’m having a free battle (game)

I base on that it’ll be more careful to be on time

I’ll be there later seven

I couldn’t check out the free game

Going before the game

I presented the KMGM application early

The pioneer at the counter

Thankful for your cautious explanation

To bring everything together interval of time present the application

She even took the Texas Holdham genealogical record

Youngsters can do this in the mean time

I can’t recollect everything

It’s interfacing with to play an advancement of cards while seeing family records

Round of cerebrums

This is it

Texas Holdum on the Internet

Concerning how to play or terms

There are a monster store of explanations

I figure you can look for it early

I disconnected it before I left

It was affecting.

The chips used in the game
Right when I really showed at it, it was more than I suspected

It was dazzling checking out how it was monster.

Each shade of that chip has a substitute unit.

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